28 Mar 2013

3 Strategies For Writing An Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

As many job seekers can attest to, a well-written cover letter is one of the most important components of an employment application. Not only does this brief letter serve as a first point of contact between a prospective applicant and interview panels, but it also offers an invaluable opportunity for ambitious individuals to distinguish themselves from their peers and ensure that they have the best possible advantages over their competition.

We’ve compiled this brief guide in order to offer readers information on three valuable strategies that they can use to craft an engaging, powerful cover letter. Regardless of your previous experience level or industry, we guarantee that this information can help you make a powerful impression on your future employers. Good luck!

Strategy #1: Demonstrate Your Professionalism

There’s no bigger “turn-off” for interview committees than receiving a cover letter, resume or CV that is filled with spelling and grammatical errors. After you write your cover letter, spend a substantial amount of time reviewing your document for mistakes. If you have the opportunity to let a friend or trusted colleague review your document, take advantage of this! A fresh pair of eyes always helps!

Strategy #2: Demonstrate Your Knowledge Of The Business

The cover letter provides the perfect venue for demonstrating your expert knowledge of the company in question as well as the position you are currently applying for! Use your words wisely, and include significant reasons why your previous skills and experiences perfectly match the requirements of the job in question.

Strategy #3: Showcase Your Experiences

In cover letters, as in life, talk is cheap! Although its easy to say that you have extensive experience or are highly skilled, applications committees will want to know more about the specific experiences that have shaped you. Don’t fill your cover letter with useless adjectives or hollow statements - this is the perfect opportunity to paraphrase your years of exceptional effort into a stand-out, unforgettable document!